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How often are the sessions and how much does it cost?
I see clients on a weekly basis; each session, including the assessment session, lasts fifty minutes and costs £65.

For most clients the session is at the same time every week; there is some flexibility for shift workers. All evening sessions are at the same time every week as spaces are limited.


How long will it take?

An unanswerable question! It will depend on what issues you bring and many other factors. But I assure you that you will know when you feel you have achieved your goals and I am more keen to encourage people to leave than to try to cling onto them. I am passionate about not promoting dependence but rather independence.

What is the best way to get in contact?

Send an email to,  give me a ring on 020 8566 2004, or use the contact form here.

I may not be able to get to the phone but I return all calls very promptly so please leave a message. Since I know that the decision to seek counselling is a personal one, I will never tell anyone else the reason for calling back if I don't reach you directly.


What happens next?

Once we have had a chat, you may decide to come along for an initial session, where you will have the chance to tell me about yourself and explore what is going on for you. I will be assessing if I can be of help and you will have the chance to find out if you feel comfortable with me and the way I work. Before inviting anyone along for this session I always check that there is a regular slot available at a time suitable for you.

If after this session I think I can't be of help or that I'm not the right therapist for you, I will tell you after this session and this session will not be chargeable.

Ways of Working

I offer flexibility in how we choose to meet to accommodate individual needs. My counselling and psychotherapy practice is based in Ealing, London W5, as is my supervision practice.  However I am happy to meet on-line if you are unable to travel to me and pandemic experience has shown this can be just as effective. I also offer a blended approach for those whose lives demand ad hoc flexibility.

Do you see couples?

No, I work with individual clients only. Sometimes a client will come alone to discuss a relationship dilemma ; after some work with me to uncover what he/she/they would like the outcome to be, I may recommend involving the partner and moving on to couples therapy with a different therapist.

Any further questions?

Just get in touch! I'm happy to chat about the services I provide to help you decide if you'd like to come for an initial session. You can get in touch with me here.

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